EMDR ~ Wonder Woman and Revenge~

I am worth it~


~ Its pretty amazing. There is something that happens in the brain (amygdala shut down long enough) to permit emotion to come up and out.  It’s only scary if you have not had experience with crying or intense emotion. It’s not uncommon either to go numb, shut off or completely avoid emotion after years of complicated trauma or an experience which was too much to process. The scariest  thing about trauma therapy  is really our thoughts about our feelings getting really intense and then staying stuck there. Some people believe if they start crying, they won’t stop. This of course is not true. Feelings are like waves in an ocean they crash into the shore and eventually get smaller and smaller until they dissipate.

Working through an old memory,  the negative cognition such as “I am not worth it,” and then turning it into a positive one after you have…

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