earthquake and freeze response



Dr. Stephen Porges emphasizes the importance of bidirectional  neuro feedback between body and brain. Porges emphasizes the importance of relating to an organism (humans) from a bottom up perspective instead of a top down. He uses the example of Descartes, ” I think therefore, I am.”  He explains that many of western therapies have been designed around this idea. What if we have it wrong?  What if  we understand the body from the perspective of ” I feel therefore I am.” What if our nervous system  sends a signal to the brain which then creates the feelings and visceral reactions?

Lets break down the  Poly Vagal Nerve Branches

The Vagus Nerve   is the nerve running from the brain stem down in to the autonomic nervous system.

The Dorsal Vagus Complex (DVC)

The Dorsal is a branch of the Vagus known for as the, “vegetative vagus,” because it is…

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