Parental Anxiety~

Crystal Arber:

stress kid

Anxiety …. what is it? Why does it get such a bad rap?

Anxiety has a job. It’s job is to warn us of danger. Anxiety is connected to our animal brain. This part of our brain is developed way before our pre frontal cortex (thinking part or executive functions of our brain). Without our animal brain warning of us of danger, we would not survive. Anxiety which is fear,  lets us know  that something is wrong. Our animal brain then decides whether we should flee from the situation, fight the predator, or play dead (freeze). Anxiety  does have an important job.

When we are anxious, our mind tends to narrow and becomes rigid. This is so that we can focus in on the threat. We jump to the worst case scenario i.e, the sound of a rattle snake leads to ” that snake is going to kill me.” If…

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