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EMDR Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress

Crystal Arber EMDR for PTSD

Do you suffer from acute stress, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks or nightmares about past work experiences or trauma?  Do you feel burned out, demoralized or depressed?  I  facilitate recovery from post-traumatic stress injuries, caused by childhood trauma, workplace trauma, combat, and operational stress injuries.

First Responders, Healthcare Professionals and Veterans

EMDR and Exposure Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries (PTSD) caused by workplace trauma. EMDR helps Soldiers, Physicians, Nurses, Firefighters, and more.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma & Critical Incidents

Counselling and EMDR for victims of crime, sexual assault, accidents, and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) caused by childhood trauma

EMDR Consultation & Training

Consultation and Certification for trained EMDR therapists. On Demand Webinar's for advanced training.

Crystal Arber Trauma Therapist

Are you suffering from intrusive negative thoughts, flashbacks or sleeplessness due to operational stress injuries brought on by your work as a healthcare professional, a first responder, or a Soldier /Veteran? Do you have negative memories of childhood trauma?
Are you a victim of sexual assault or suffer from negative symptoms and triggers related to a critical incident that you survived?

Do you find yourself stuck in hypervigilance, quick to anger, feeling ON or not feeling at all? These symptoms are normal responses to witnessing something traumatic at work or having survived something traumatic. Over time the brain and nervous system fill up with cumulative incidents that need to be processed. Left without some intervention, you could end up with PTSD. Eye movement desensitization therapy helps you process the trauma so that you no longer experience these negative symptoms. Processing trauma is also helpful for the complex post-traumatic stress of childhood trauma.

I offer online therapy and a safe space to make sense of past events. As a certified EMDR therapist, consultant, and educator, I have extensive experience treating complex post-traumatic stress injuries.

I earned my Master’s degree in Social Work at UBC. I am a registered social worker and registered clinical counsellor. I provide online therapy for people across the Lower Mainland and British Columbia.


Online Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress

How Does EMDR Work?

This 10-minute video from the  International Association explains how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing help the brain process trauma, what to expect in a treatment session, and how people usually feel after completing a treatment program.

Consultation and Certification for Therapists

As an EMDRIA-approved consultant and trainer, I offer certification and consultation for therapists. In 2019 I was a speaker at the  Vancouver EMDR Canada Conference: Using Intensive EMDR for First Responders.  In 2022  I was the Organizer for the Vancouver EMDR  HAP  program, which ran six successful  EMDR groups for refugees fleeing the Ukranian War. If you are an EMDR therapist wanting to book with me for an EMDR consultation, please get in touch with me for the booking link to return to your account and book into my calendar. 

On-Demand Webinar Phase one for Therapists

How to Complete an Effective Assessment for the Purpose of Developing Target Sequence Plans, Including Symptom Informed Plans to Treat PTSD For First Responders and Military. Please note this webinar is no longer offered for credits through EMDRIA.

Operation Romeo Tango Trauma Recovery Podcast- Listen to Crystal's Interview with Mark Meincke about Using EMDR with Military and First Responders - Episode # 148

Listen to Crystal’s Interview with Guy Macpherson about Making Sense of Trauma Group Episode #162

Triggers and Trauma an Ebook 5 things you can do now

Triggers and Trauma E-book

5 Things You can do right NOW to help with triggers

Are you struggling with triggers and trauma?

In this e-book, I teach you five practical skills that you can use now to gain control over your triggers. These skills, when practiced regularly, can significantly help you in your relationships with your loved ones and your work life. 

Coming Soon – Triumph Over Trauma Online Course. Sign up for Launch Dates!