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Crystal Arber EMDR for PTSD

Crystal Arber’s Bio

Crystal Arber graduated from the University of British Columbia with a master’s degree in social work. She is a registered social worker and registered clinical counselor. Crystal is a leader in EMDR, being a certified EMDR therapist and an approved EMDR consultant trainer with over 25 years of experience as a helping professional.

Crystal’s healthcare clinician background is in treating complex trauma and PTSD. She worked as a trauma counselor in healthcare and created an EMDR treatment program for survivors of trauma living in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (Canada’s poorest postal code). This program composed of a trauma group called Making Sense of Trauma (an 8-week education and skills-based group about trauma) and EMDR for complex PTSD. The program ran for four years, with over one hundred clients graduating.

In 2012, Crystal championed education in the ACE study (Adverse Childhood Event Study) and is known for her advocacy. For Vancouver Coastal Health, she facilitated workshops on trauma-informed practice for managers and healthcare leaders.

Crystal’s passion for treating PTSD led her to work as an EMDR therapist at the BC-Operational Stress Injury Clinic, a Veteran Affairs clinic. Crystal created an intensive EMDR pilot program to treat PTSD among Veterans and Emergency Services Personnel. The program demonstrated excellent outcomes, leading her to be a speaker at the EMDR Canada Conference in 2019, where she spoke on The Use of Intensive EMDR for First Responders and the Military to Treat Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD.

In 2022, Crystal Arber organized the Vancouver Trauma Recovery Network through the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program. She led a team of 12 professional therapists and two translators, facilitating free EMDR workshops to treat acute stress symptoms for persons displaced by war. She recently spoke at the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program Conference in 2023 on EMDR ASSYST & IGTP- OTS Humanitarian Psychosocial Project for Ukrainian Refugees Displaced by War in Vancouver BC Canada.

Currently Crystal works as a practicum facilitator at the BC School of Psychology, teaching EMDR to student EMDR therapists. Crystal works as an EMDR therapist for first responders, active and retired military. She also works with adults who have survived childhood trauma.