Oct 11th -Making Sense of complex and post traumatic stress injury group

Seven week skills based psycho educational group that reviews how trauma affects the brain and nervous system.

Making sense of complex and post traumatic stress injury.

Making Sense of Trauma Group is back by popular demand.



Every Wednesday evening  starting

October 11th from 7:00pm – 8:30pm for seven weeks.



There are six seats available with the possibility of another group running on Thursday’s should the group fill up fast.


  •  An educational skills building group for those who are interested in learning how to contain distressing symptoms caused by past traumatic events or PTSD like symptoms.
  • In this seven week closed group you will learn how traumatic experiences affect the nervous system, and brain.
  • You will learn types of treatment available.
  • You will learn the difference between complex developmental trauma and PTSD.
  • You will learn skills to manage and reduce distressing symptoms, i.e. dissociation (zoning out) anger, avoidance of people or places, mood swings, hypersensitivity to sounds, attention difficulty, and anxiety.


  • Have you experienced a traumatic incident in your past?
  • Do you struggle to leave your home?
  • Do you find yourself over reacting to situations in your life?
  • Do you avoid relationships?
  • Are you sensitive to noise or certain sounds?
  • Do you take dangerous risks just to feel alive?
  • Do you have trouble trusting people?
  • Do you self harm?
  • Do you find yourself dissociating?
  • Do you feel numb or cut off from others?
  • Do you have flash backs of the traumatic incident or incidents?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping because of nightmares?
  • Do you believe that the world is an unsafe place?
  • Do you find yourself abusing alcohol or substances to deal with some of these distressing symptoms?  


 280.00 per person ( 40.00 a week).

Please contact me if you are on disability and cannot afford the price shown.

  • Please note: Clients only
  • If you are a practicing health care professional, I will be running a group for professionals in the winter. 
  • Facilitated by Crystal Arber  See Bio
  • Contact 604 340 4529

Crystal Arber: Individual Youth and Family Counselling – Psycho educational group

Seven week psycho educational skills group about trauma. Please contact Crystal before paying so you can be guaranteed a seat before registering.







Why does anxiety get such a bad rep?

lion-1987846_1920Anxiety is a natural human response – in a crisis can actually save our lives and protect us from danger. In relationships anxiety is always there whether it is at a low hum or dialed up. Moving towards each other, or moving away from each other,  anxiety plays an important role in giving us information about whether we need distance or closeness with our loved ones.

The questions we should be asking ourselves is not what medication can I take  to dial down the anxiety, but rather how am I going to manage this anxiety? What skills have I already used to help regulate anxiety? Where  in my life have I already demonstrated my ability to regulate  anxiety and how have I accomplished this? How can I use the anxiety I am feeling to give me a clue to what I should be paying attention to? Where do I feel this anxiety in my body?

Anxiety can actually be used to our benefit if we understand what we need to be paying attention to. When anxiety gets too high, our thinking brain shuts off. We can’t think and instead react. If we are reacting a lot, this is a clue that the anxiety is too high and we need to check in with our adult self and ask ourselves, ” Am I taking care of myself? ” ” Do I need be setting boundaries? ” “Do I need to speak to someone about an important issue that they can help me with?” “Do I need to access resources like friends or family to help me with a problem? ” “Are my goals being interrupted and I need to prioritize in order to get back on track with my goals?” ” Do I need to change something? ” “Let go of something?” “Do I need to stop controlling, projecting fear on to others and take responsibility for what I can change in the situation? ” These are all questions that anxiety  can motivate us to ask.

When you think of it this way, Anxiety is actually not all that terrible after all.