Top Three Myths About PTSD

PTSD is a Disorder
FACT Post Trauma is an injury not a disorder
PTSD is everywhere.
FACT There is a greater understanding and awareness about trauma now.
PTSD is untreatable
EMDR and Exposure therapies work


Practising mindfulness daily can literally change your brain. With each mindful activity or meditation that you practice you are re-wiring your neuro pathways. Neurons that wire together, fire together. This is true for both negative and positive experiences. Practising mindfulness moves one into the optimal range of their nervous system, therefore, calming their nervous system….

Trauma and Your Teeth

Research shows that persons who have survived repeated trauma in their lives will have difficulty with dental procedures. Trauma and the dentist tend not to get along very well. First off, attempting to be vulnerable is never easy for a survivor of trauma, but what about being exposed to a dentist’s chair? Being vulnerable to…

Why Do I Dissociate?

Dissociation is a phenomenon that happens to a person when their nervous system is activated by a trigger in the present environment, that reminds a person of a traumatic incident from their past. Dissociation is part of the continuum of the freeze or immobilized state that a person may experience as part of an adaptive…

Emotional Freedom Technique

Here is a link to a great website on EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique Emotional Freedom Technique is excellent for immediately calming and grounding. In a matter of a few minutes after tapping these points, you will find a significant difference with any distress you are dealing with.

Earthquake and Freeze Response

Dr. Stephen Porges emphasizes the importance of bidirectional neurofeedback between body and brain. Porges emphasizes the importance of relating to an organism (humans) from a bottom-up perspective instead of a top-down one. He uses the example of Descartes: ‘I think, therefore, I am. He explains that many western therapies have been designed around this idea….

Self Destructive Behaviors

Why do we pick our skin? Why do we pick our scalp until it bleeds? Why do we pull our hair, bite our fingers nails until they are raw, bleeding and down to the bone? Why do we cut? Why do we starve ourselves? Why do we eat too much? Sometimes we play video games…

Internal Sensations: From Foe To Friend

For many of us, internal sensations are the enemy. We spend most of our time doing anything and everything to avoid sensations. A heart flutter, butterflies in the stomach, hot or cold flashes, chills, or burning in the abdomen, can send us straight to panic, or worse, a panic attack. When the sympathetic nervous system…

A Little Predator And Three Little Nervous Systems

Sitting quietly at the lake, I noticed three little girls peering deliberately, yet cautiously, down at what seemed like a bug. ‘Ew!’ shouted one girl. ‘What is it?’ asked the other girl. ‘Eek!’ shouted the other girl and then quickly lifted her head back. She then turned around and began running and screaming ‘run for…

Sergeant Amy and Sergeant Hippo: The Grand Fight

How Trauma Affects The Brain Let’s keep it simple. Well, it is the brain, so I am not sure how simple I can make this, but let me try to explain. When something traumatic happens to us, enough that we believe we might be in danger (or worse, die), our limbic system goes nuts. Let’s…