Dr. AJ Popky – A Giant in the EMDR Community has Passed Away-

A giant in the EMDR community has passed away today. Dr. AJ Popky. He was an incredible healer, teacher and clinician. I had the great honour of sponsoring him to come to Vancouver and lead a workshop on his Urge DeTUR protocol using EMDR. He had a great sense of humour and a generous spirit….

COVID-19 and Burnout For Health Care Professionals

    Vicarious Trauma, PTSD, Burnout   Some of the important outcomes of dealing with COVID-19  for healthcare professionals have been vicarious trauma, burnout and PTSD. There are plenty of effective strategies to cope with the stress and stay resilient if you are a healthcare professional.  On the  Anxiety Canada Website, you can find tools…

Top Three Myths About PTSD

PTSD is a Disorder
FACT Post Trauma is an injury not a disorder
PTSD is everywhere.
FACT There is a greater understanding and awareness about trauma now.
PTSD is untreatable
EMDR and Exposure therapies work

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

What PTSD is and how it shows up in symptoms and coping strategies.

EMDR Opens A Window To The Brain

Over the past two decades, the use of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has provided researchers and clinicians with the ability to observe how symptoms develop and can be rapidly treated. Over 20 randomized studies have demonstrated positive treatment effects, and EMDR has been declared an effective trauma treatment by organizations worldwide, including…

Intensive EMDR Heals Operational Stress – Combat Trauma.

There is hope for those who have experienced multiple operational stress injuries. The hope is intensive EMDR treatment, which gives each operational stress injury the attention the injury needs through reprocessing. EMDR follows a ‘past – present – future’ protocol, which, for which comprehensive treatment requires targeting and reprocessing memories that are linked to the…

Trauma – Grief and Loss

When it comes to trauma, grief and loss aren’t talked about enough. In fact, some psychologists believe that grief is a more important factor in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After all, once the trauma(s) are over, there is almost always loss; loss of meaning, loss of identity (in some cases), loss of childhood, loss of…

Episode 180 – Dr. Howard Lipke: HEArt for Veterans: Identifying the Hidden Emotion (inSocialWork Podcast Series of the University at Buffalo)

Vets and Anger Source: Episode 180 – Dr. Howard Lipke: HEArt for Veterans: Identifying the Hidden Emotion (inSocialWork Podcast Series of the University at Buffalo) In this episode, Dr. Howard Lipke describes what he calls the Hidden Emotion Articulation (HEArt) Program, a contrast to traditional anger management programs. This approach, developed especially for the unique…

Limbic System and Window of Tolerance

When our amygdala is lit up in the limbic system of our brain, our ability to see the big picture – disappears. The ‘fight-flight-freeze’ response takes over. We literally suffer from tunnel vision. If we are outside the window of tolerance, (Minton, Ogden et al, 2006) and in hyperarousal, we become irritable, edgy, angry –…


Yoga is a powerful way to release trauma held in the body. Research from Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk has shown that participation in yoga on a regular basis can actually be just as helpful as other trauma or PTSD treatments.  I recommend yoga as part of a daily diet in combination with EMDR therapy….