Ulyana (Translator Extraordinaire) Crystal Arber This past weekend we accomplished a successful EMDR group workshop. Using a popular evidenced-based group protocol 17 women processed the worst and most disturbing parts of the invasion of Ukraine. Our team is grateful to the society of Ivan Franko who hosted our event and helped make the workshop a…

Free Psychological EMDR Services For Displaced Women of War –

Donate What Our Trauma Recovery Network  Has Accomplished Our Trauma Recovery Team  EMDR HAP has been busy facilitating workshops to help offer free psychological EMDR workshops for women and their children fleeing from the war. We now have a team of 14 therapists who are providing EMDR translation and free follow-up counselling!  Sponsors and Hosts…

Sex & Abuse of Power

Sex & Abuse of  Power 2022 – June 29th – is an incredibly historic day for women and in particular for black women. A famous artist with lots of power is brought down for human trafficking, sex abuse, and child pornography.  R.Kelly  Justice is served.  I have never witnessed anything like this in my lifetime….

EMDR in a Group- Benefits

The benefits of doing EMDR in a group are : Community and friendship Being with peers who have had similar experiences You don’t have to talk about your trauma A private experience in a community The benefit of processing in an intensive format for more than one hour is to release nasty negative emotions and…

Military Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma is a reality in most systems including the military.  If you are a woman who has been sexually harassed or assaulted within your workplace by a higher-ranking boss, you have been morally injured. Betrayal within your team and by a supervisor is the worst kind of betrayal. Initially, the betrayal such as sexual…

Are you a Physician Dealing With Compassion Fatigue? What if it’s Ongoing Traumatic Stress That Can Be Treated?

Pre COVID we read a lot about compassion fatigue and burnout. These terms are commonly used by health care providers and educators. Understandably healthcare educators want to help the helper by teaching good self-care strategies to physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. While self-care methods are very important; I want to stress that these methods…

Dr. AJ Popky – A Giant in the EMDR Community has Passed Away-

A giant in the EMDR community has passed away today. Dr. AJ Popky. He was an incredible healer, teacher and clinician. I had the great honour of sponsoring him to come to Vancouver and lead a workshop on his Urge DeTUR protocol using EMDR. He had a great sense of humour and a generous spirit….

COVID-19 and Burnout For Health Care Professionals

    Vicarious Trauma, PTSD, Burnout   Some of the important outcomes of dealing with COVID-19  for healthcare professionals have been vicarious trauma, burnout and PTSD. There are plenty of effective strategies to cope with the stress and stay resilient if you are a healthcare professional.  On the  Anxiety Canada Website, you can find tools…

Top Three Myths About PTSD

PTSD is a Disorder
FACT Post Trauma is an injury not a disorder
PTSD is everywhere.
FACT There is a greater understanding and awareness about trauma now.
PTSD is untreatable
EMDR and Exposure therapies work

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

What PTSD is and how it shows up in symptoms and coping strategies.