Heal From Childhood Trauma

EMDR For Childhood Trauma


EMDR Treats PTSD caused by Childhood Trauma.

If you are a survivor of childhood trauma with PTSD you can get help with EMDR therapy.  EMDR helps with symptoms of PTSD.

Did you suffer from sexual, physical, or psychological trauma, from your parents?

 Are you having negative memories of your childhood? Are you experiencing low self-worth and depression? If so, you might want to consider getting EMDR therapy. EMDR therapy shows good success in reducing the disturbance of aversive memories.


EMDR treats PTSD caused by Childhood Narcissistic Parenting

Were you neglected due to narcissistic parenting? Do you struggle in relationships with friends and family? Do you find yourself experiencing many of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder? If so then EMDR therapy combined with counselling can help.
Did your parent suffer from mental illness or a physical illness? You may have felt lonely and abandoned.

EMDR and Inner Child

I help you complete exercises to get to know your inner child. Inner child exercises combined with EMDR therapy can help you to love yourself. This will help you to have better relationships with others and not feel lonely.
EMDR combined inner child exercises is an effective way to heal childhood wounds
EMDR therapy can take less time than other kinds of therapy but, because EMDR is a therapy, you should expect EMDR to be a process rather than a quick fix.
Combined with EMDR therapy, you may want to join a 12 step program. I recommend CODA or ACOA 12 step support group.
A 12 step support group will give you the support you need while you are completing EMDR therapy.
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