Counselling Hours and fees



Counselling Hours of Operation

Please contact me for hours of operation

Fees for Service:

  • Family Counselling 60 min  150.00
  • Couples Counselling 60 min 150.00

  • Individual  Counselling 60 min  125.00
  • EMDR 60 mins 125.00
  • EMDR Intensive Sessions available upon request

  • EMDR Certification Services
  • EMDR Consulting Services 60min – 150.00
  • EMDR Group Consulting Services for the purpose of certification- 90min – 150.00

  • Phone consult 15 min 30.00
  • Making Sense of Trauma Group ( Please contact Crystal direct)
  • Trauma Education Workshops ( Please contact Crystal direct)

Please note that for a temporary time, all cancelled appointments without 24hours notice ( one full business day) and first time no shows, will be billed the full amount of a 1 hour appointment. Please allow one full business day notice for cancellations before your appointment to avoid 125.00 charge. 


  • Cash  or Cheque etransfer
  • Payment is due after the session.
  • Please check with your extended health  insurance provider. In many cases your provider will cover a percentage or all the cost of counselling with a registered social worker at a Masters level.


Because Canada Revenue Agency recognizes Social Work as a health profession, the clinical counselling services of Registered Social Workers are GST EXEMPT. In addition to RSWs, only Psychiatrists and Registered Psychologists qualify for this exempt. RSW is considered a tax right off for health services. Please keep your receipts to receive a tax benefit at the end of the year.

Insurance providers that may cover some or all of cost are:

  • Sunlife
  • Blue Cross
  • Victim Services
  • Veteran Affairs
  • HSO
  • Insurance that accepts MSW
  • Great West Life
  • UBC extended health

To book an appointment please call Crystal 604 340 4529