Crisis & Opportunity

Hey everybody! Welcome to my video blog number two. My name is Crystal Arber. I’m a registered social worker, a registered clinical counsellor.

Today I want to talk to you about the opportunity and about how crises are really opportunities turned upside down. It’s been my experience in my life, particularly when I reflect back on the most difficult times of my life, which have included death, difficult health emergencies and relationship difficulties, that looking back now, I can see very clearly how those experiences, while a crisis at that time, turned out to be a pretty interesting opportunity for me in retrospect.

In those times I gathered my inner strength by going within and staying still for at least 2 – 3 minutes a day. Whether that be focusing on your breath or resting your eyes gently on a spot on the floor or the wall, but going within and being still so that I could hear the messages that helped me understand where the opportunities were in my life.

In crises, It’s been my experience that those opportunities don’t come immediately. They don’t show up as soon as you decide to be still and ask ‘where are the opportunities’?

But, if I’m willing to take the opportunity to be still for just a few minutes a day and ask myself ‘where are the opportunities’, they will come. The question of ‘where is the opportunity’ or ‘where are my opportunities’ now in this crises, those answers will come. They will not come when our cortisol is high, when our adrenaline is racing, and when we are in the midst of chaos.

The answers will come in the stillness.

So I ask you to take that opportunity to be still and to ask yourself:

“Where are the opportunities?”

“Where can I be of service?”

“How can I help?”

“Where are the things in my life that I have ignored, up until now, that now I have the opportunity to face to look at to change?”

“Where in the restriction is there freedom?”

“Where in the structure can I be flexible and where in our time of social isolation, physical isolation, can I reach out virtually or can I reach out in ways that I would have never dreamed of had I not been put in this position?” 

That’s my message for today in the crisis – Where are the opportunities in your life that are presenting themselves now?

Please remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds and please remember to socially distance. Let’s all flatten this curve and help the healthcare workers.