EMDR Consulting Certification For Therapists

EMDR  Consultation Group: 2 Spots open!

 New Online  EMDR Consult Group starting  Oct 2020. Now looking for two EMDR Therapists who work with special populations:  First Responders, Military and Vets. Group cost is 250.00 split between four members. 

Contact: crystalarbercounselling@gmail.com if interested

Individual Consulting for EMDR can be arranged through me personally. 

My Fee for consulting is $175.00 per 60 mins online or booking in my office.

Do you have questions about the certification process?

Watch my video on the EMDR Certification Group process below. 

Currently on Hold

Must be willing to commit to four 2 hours –  four monthly groups.

In order to qualify for certification, you must have a certificate verifying you have completed Level 1 and Level 2 of EMDR Training.

The total requirement is 15 months – 10 individual hours and 10 group hours.

Friday’s 6:00pm – 8:00pm


  • Individual consults for EMDR therapists.
  • Group EMDR Certification ( Maximum 4 members).
  • Each group member receives a half-hour of consulting in the group as well as hours towards EMDR certification.
  • A platform for online consulting:  Thera Link PIPA compliant
  • A platform for uploading case data:   Sync.com PIPA FIPPA compliant.


  • Individual EMDR Consulting $175.00 per hour
  • Group online Fee paid in full before the group process begins.

Existing EMDR Consultees who want to book an appointment, click below

Certification Application

For Information regarding EMDR Certification requirements click below

I am a certified EMDR therapist and an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant Facilitator. I have had the wonderful privilege of working with some of the best trauma therapists in the EMDR and trauma treatment communities.  These distinguished therapists include Dr. Andrew Leeds (Resource Development Installation),  Dr. AJ Popky (DeTUR urge Addiction Protocol),  Katie O’Shea (Early Trauma Protocol), and Dr. Marshall Wilensky (Approved EMDR Trainer in Canada and the  USA since 1998).

Clinical Experience :

I am a certified EMDR therapist and an approved EMDR consultant ( EMDRIA approved).  I am also an EMDR Facilitator with the BC School of Psychology.

I have used EMDR with a wide variety of patients.  This includes individuals suffering from substance use, poverty, dissociative disorders, and childhood trauma.  I have also used EMDR with marginalized clients living on the Downtown east side.  In that setting, I successfully piloted a trauma group for phase one trauma treatment in a primary care clinic,  encouraging the graduating group members to move on to phase two of trauma treatment using EMDR. Over 100 members graduated from the group and many of those went on to successfully experience EMDR treatment.

Working in health care for the past fourteen years, I have had the privilege of working with interdisciplinary specialists such as psychiatrists, general practitioners, nurses, and psychologists while working with some of the most difficult complex trauma and substance use cases. This has afforded me a broad range of clinical experience.

I  have extensive experience treating trauma with first responders, police officers and the military at the BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic.  In addition to regular EMDR sessions, I developed a one-week intensive EMDR protocol that effectively managed and treated operational PTSD.

In my current EMDR practice, my clients include police officers, military veterans, first responders, victims of crimes, survivors of childhood trauma.  I also use EMDR with youth and children.

I am currently a Trauma-informed Practice Educator and Speaker for various health care sites and non-profit sector.

EMDR Peer Group

Vancouver – EMDR Advanced Protocol Peer Group 

I also facilitate an advanced EMDR protocol peer group that meets in Vancouver. This group is a non paid group that currently runs once every 2 months. If you are interested in this group please contact me.

If you are interested in becoming certified in EMDR please contact me.