EMDR HAP TRN Vancouver

EMDR Group work helps displaced persons from war

EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program also known as EMDR HAP mission is:

To increase the capacity for effective treatment of psychological trauma in under-served communities anywhere in the world.  HAP welcomes TRN (Trauma Recovery Networks) from around the world to join in their mission.

That’s why we joined EMDR HAP https://www.emdrhap.org/content/ and created our own TRN Vancouver. 

TRN Vancouver Mission is: 

Using EMDR our mission is to alleviate acute stress and trauma response symptoms for refugees fleeing from war.

If you are a trained EMDR therapist familiar with present events protocols and want to work with refugees please join us. We are a group of EMDR therapists who are organizing to work with refugees coming to Canada from war-torn countries. We will be providing online group protocols and in-person group protocols as well as individual therapy. 

If you can provide pro bono EMDR therapy for at least four hours a month please contact Crystal at therapy@crystalarber.com

What’s in it for me?

  • You increase your EMDR skillset
  • Learn EMDR group protocols for disaster/war response
  • Obtain EMDR training with discount rates. 
  • Become a member and part of the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program
EMDR Trauma Recovery