EMDR Movie

A film on the breakthrough therapy changing millions of lives:

EMDR – A Documentary film by Michael Burns

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“EMDR is about memory. It’s about softening and processing memories. These intrusive recollections, these images, physical sensations, and sounds, continue to help people disappear, and people ended up… it’s a story of a long time ago and happened to me. It’s just something that’s happened.” 

“EMDR doesn’t seem to care whether this took place yesterday or 50 years ago, and I’ve worked with veterans who went to shore at Normandy, all the way up through kids coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and other unhappy places. It’s like the brain doesn’t care that this was a half-century ago. As far as the brain is concerned, this is a current event. This is something that it’s wrestling with right now.”

“What happens in your nervous system is that, now, you’re walking around sort of carrying a building on your back. There’s no way that that isn’t going to have some kind of repercussion. You can’t work as well. You can’t concentrate as well. You can’t enjoy your life as well, and you can’t relate to your children as well, so there’s no avoiding it. If somebody throws water at you, you get wet. If you experience a trauma, that is beyond the pale of your own existence, your nervous system gets kindled.” 

“It works so organically. The way EMDR works, you’re really working with the memory networks. You’re working with new information that comes in, and you’re working with a deeper sense of understanding and knowing. And the therapist’s job is just to follow. And then, wherever it’s stuck, ask a question or do something that draws the information from the client. The brain is a remarkable system. Even though we think that the brain doesn’t have a lot of plasticity, the ability to sort of rewiring itself, it really does. Even adults have significant capabilities in that regard.” 

“How often do I come home, and say to you, you would not believe what I witnessed today? You would not believe it. I could never put into words what I had the unique opportunity to be a part of today. You know, the transformation, the revelations that people come to the, you know, I feel like EMDR offers us a window into the mind.” 

“So what EMDR does, is it processes out those unhealed experiences, those hard experiences that are pushing our emotions or pushing our behaviours or pushing our beliefs or pushing our sense of self. And it’s not about the present, it’s really about the past. The stuff gets processed from the past, and the present is a whole different place. You’re not seeing it with those negative lenses anymore, you see because it’s not coming up automatically and that’s what EMDR is about. It’s about liberating the person from past stuff so they can be happy in the present.”

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