External Resources

Do you have a safe place to live?
Is your partner/room-mate supportive? Can you count on them?
Do you have enough income to support yourself?
Do you take care of yourself and include a physician and dentist as part of your self-care?
Do you eat at least three regular healthy meals a day which include fruits and vegetables as well as protein?
Do you exercise at least 3x a week?
If you are abusing substances, are you willing to cut down, or consider an alternative way of coping with distressing feelings?
Do you have at least three supportive friends/family in your life that you connect with regularly?
Do you schedule a time for fun in your life? Do you take part in pleasure activities that do not include alcohol or substances?

When we think of external resources we can think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

If your physiological, safety and love/belonging needs are being met, then you are in a good place to begin trauma work.

If this is not the case, then it is a good idea to begin building up your external resources. We can do this.

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