Marriage and Family Counselling

    Couples I work with:

  • Affairs
  • PTSD
  • Complex Trauma
  • Communication problems
  • Emotional Regulation problems
  • Couples in Recovery
  • ACOA couples
  • Military and their spouses
  • Emergency Responders and their spouses
  • Gridlock concerns

In working with couples, I use EMDR, Relational Life Therapy, Gottman, Crucible therapy principles, as well as psycho education for PTSD.

I also teach skills on how to manage triggers and regulate  anger  for PTSD.

Families I work with

  • Parents in power struggles with teens
  • Parents with youth who are struggling with substance use
  • Parents kids who continue negative behaviours
  • Children who have experienced trauma
  • Parents with kids who are seeking negative attention
  • Parents with kids who struggle with anxiety
  • Parents with kids who have given up or lack self esteem
  • Parents of kids who are bullied
  • Parent who has PTSD
  • Parents with complex trauma in their histories.
  • Parents who are survivors of an alcoholic or dysfunctional family system.

What you can expect in Family Therapy 

I  will work with members within your family system. I  will motivate each family member to work together through a process that will encourage leadership and differentiation. I work with the family to encourage  youth to develop logical consequences for their own negative behaviours,  I also   teach leadership strategies for parents, as well as strengthen the family system through democratic principles. I foster family strengths already in place, as well as, identify family patterns through examining multi generational patterns. Ultimately, I help family members differentiate so that they can achieve personal goals as well as maintain balance within their family system.

My background includes extensive work with at risk youth within the mental health and education system, as well as working with PTSD in marriage and families.  I also provide consulting for parents who have youth involved with the mental health and substance use system.

I draw on Adlerian principles,  as well as the STEP model for parenting. I also use  Family Systems theory,  principles of ACOA, and Alanon  to help families differentiate.

What you can expect working with me as a couple

Drawing on Relational Life Therapy principles, I help couples who get caught in dysfunctional patterns of relating. For example sometimes couples get trapped in patterns of relating from a one up or one down position with their partner. These ways of relating to our partner however, dysfunctional feel impossible to change. However with guidance and a willingness to grow, patterns can be changed especially when we are willing to examine our role modelling for relating.

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