Teens drugs, fentanyl, and life saving naloxone

Warning -Fentanyl is cross contaminated in many street drugs.

Fentanyl  is cross contaminated in almost all street drugs these days. Please educate your teen about these dangers. It is not uncommon for naloxone to be carried in a kit by drug users. Everyone should be educated on how to use it as well as have it on hand or in your home as a safety measure.

Fentanyl BC

This kit could save your child’s life. Please educate yourself about it as well as the dangers of cross contamination and Fentanyl. See the link below for more information.

Naloxone – can save your child’s life

Huffing is a common problem in teen communities. Keep chemicals locked up and talk to your teens about the dangers of huffing including brain injury and seizures.

Binge drinking is a right of passage for many teens. Talk to your teen about binge drinking and why it is dangerous. Alcohol is a depressant and over time continued abuse of alcohol creates a dependency problem.

Crystal Meth destroys the brain. Its cheap and easy to get. Teens with ADHD are vulnerable to abusing stimulants because it slows down the brain. The right medication can be life changing for teens with ADHD.

Cannabis helps with ADHD, depression and anxiety and over time continued use causes a long-term problem like increased anxiety, difficulty with sleep and appetite. If your teen is genetically predisposed to mental health on paternal or maternal side, Cannabis can  increase your teens risk for developing psychosis and other mental health problems.

Reference:  Assessing the Evidence for a Causal link Between Cannabis and Psychosis: A Review of Cohort Studies