Parents of Street Drug Affected Teens

By the time a teen is abusing street drugs, parents often find that their lives within their family system has truly become chaotic. Unfortunately “fixing” the teen is not the solution. Rather the system (being the family parents and siblings) needs to embrace the drug abuse as a team. If you are truly worried about your son or daughter the best thing that you can do is invest your time in counselling for each other at the same time as you are encouraging or supporting your teen. Once a teen is abusing drugs/alcohol and unfortunately bringing the chaos of that using lifestyle into the home, the entire family system gets turned upside down. Therefore, each member of the family needs help understanding what their role is in rebuilding the system, while at the same time not reinforcing substance use. This requires a family commitment. Very often once the parents get the counselling and knowledge they need to begin changing the family system, the teen begins to make serious changes which include treatment.

Parent Services

  • Education about setting limits as it pertains to substance abuse.
  • Exploring teen goals for education and hobbies.
  • Education on how to encourage autonomy and participation in consequences for behavior as well as setting meaningful goals.
  • Education about substance abuse, types of street drugs, and how they affect the brain and nervous system.
  • Education about medical intervention should this be necessary.
  • Education about behavior theory and how this relates to negative and positive reinforcement as well as how to extinguish negative behaviors (like substance abuse).
  • Examining mistaken goals that adolescents can sometimes develop.
  • Education about stages of change and how this pertains to your teen and substance abuse.
  • Referrals to treatment programs.
  • Substance abuse counselling for teens.

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