EMDR in a Group for Ensuring the Psychological Health of a Team

EMDR psychological health for work teams

Do you belong to a professional organization that is exposed to trauma on an ongoing basis?

Your team could benefit from EMDR in a group! Together you process disturbing work events in a private way. No one will talk about their experience or any details of the experience. Instead, you will follow the direction of the facilitator and complete your own processing privately. Using strategies such as drawing and tapping this researched and evidence-based protocol is helpful for releasing trauma that can get stuck and cause negative symptoms like anxiety, sleeplessness, intrusive negative thoughts and negative beliefs about self. These symptoms over time get worse and eventually cause  low morale and workplace leave of absence

If you are a first responder or health care professional this protocol can help your entire team in a two-day workshop.

Our team is comprised of professional registered counsellors, social workers, and psychologists who are trained or certified in EMDR.

We launched this amazing EMDR group experience in our trauma recovery network for persons displaced from war. 

This  EMDR group work is evidence-based and has been deployed over 200 times all over the world.  

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