Having A Bad Day? Nurture Your Little Self

Call on your Wonderwoman / Wonderman. Call on your protector part of self or your nurturing part of self.
Self soothe. Breathe.
Practice mindfulness. Focus on your breath.
Distract yourself. Practice a pleasure activity.
Be with a friend. Pray.
Spend time with a pet. Colour.
Focus on your goals.
Do one thing that you can master, then reward yourself.
Make a beautiful dinner for yourself.
Practice dual awareness for intrusive thoughts.
Ground. Practice Progressive Relaxation.
Practice a butterfly hug while imagining a happy memory.
Light incense. Bake some cookies. Put some peppermint on your skin.
Use a white flower.
Use Rescue Remedy.
Make a vision board.
Walk a dog. Volunteer to help a dog.
Go for a walk.
Sit in a community garden.
Volunteer to help someone.
Shower with your favourite smelling soap.
Bake something easy and then enjoy it or share it.
Paint something.
Wrap yourself in a blanket.

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