Helping YOU Heal the Past
TO Live in The Present

Effective Evidence-Based Therapy (EMDR)
For People Suffering From Post Trauma

Serving the Lower Mainland and the Province of BC

Providing EMDR therapy for symptoms such as PTSD, acute stress response, anxiety and depression.
Serving healthcare professionals, first responders, veterans, adult survivors of critical incidents,
childhood abuse, accidents, sexual assault, and clients in recovery for substance use and codependency.

Offering Services for:

First Responders, Healthcare Professionals and Veterans

Offering EMDR treatment for post-traumatic stress injuries (PTSD) caused by cumulative operational stress incidents, as well as counselling for moral injuries.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma

Offering counselling and EMDR treatment for post-trauma injuries caused by childhood trauma such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse brought on by narcissistic parenting.

EMDR Consultation and Training

Offering trained EMDR therapists EMDR certification, consultation and training.

Online Virtual EMDR for Trauma

My goal is to help my clients regain their stability, increase their confidence and have the desire to socialize with friends
and family. Through EMDR therapy, you’ll start to feel better about yourself, experience reduced triggers and have more
energy to focus on your future goals.

How Does EMDR Work?

Watch this video that EMDRIA ( EMDR International Association) presents on how EMDR works .

Meet Crystal, Certified EMDR Therapist

I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a master’s degree in social work and am a registered social worker and registered clinical counsellor. I  have over twenty years of experience working with youth, families, and adults within the private and the mental health continuum for public health care, working as a clinician, team leader, and educator.

With a background in treating complex trauma and PTSD, I am a certified EMDR therapist and an approved EMDR consultant. Through the use of EMDR, I provide opportunities for healing, desensitization and elimination of disturbing post-trauma symptoms.

Whether you are suffering from intrusive thoughts due to work injuries or suffering from childhood abuse flashbacks, I am here to provide treatment or, if you prefer, be a safe place to make sense of what has happened.

EMDR Consulting and EMDR Certification for Therapists

Crystal is a certified EMDR therapist who is an EMDRIA approved consultant and trainer. She spoke at the Vancouver EMDR Canada Conference in 2019 on Using intensive EMDR for First Responders (RCMP and Military).

Must be trained in Level one and Level Two EMDR before receiving consulting or certification services

EMDR On-Demand Webinar Phase one for EMDR Therapists

How to Complete an Effective Assessment for the Purpose of Developing Target Sequence Plans, Including Symptom Informed Plans to Treat PTSD For First Responders and Military.

EMDRIA Credits 2.0 / $130.20 

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Triggers and Trauma E-book

5 Things You Can Do to Help with Triggers

Are you struggling with triggers and trauma?

In this e-book, I teach you five practical skills that you can use now to gain control over your triggers. These skills, when practiced regularly, can significantly help you in your relationships with your loved ones and your work life. Click the button below to purchase a download pdf copy.