Frequent Questions

I have heard a lot about EMDR in the press these days. Is it true that some people who receive EMDR can be well as fast as a few sessions?

While EMDR is a very effective therapy, everyone is unique. Depending on the problem, and depending on whether one has tools for coping with distressing emotions, such as the ability to challenge irrational thinking, or use a grounding skill like diaphragmatic breathing, will depend on the length of time for treatment. EMDR is an eight-phase treatment with phase two being primarily learning skills and tools to effectively manage distressing emotions. Some people stay in phase two for a year or longer before ever getting to the desensitization phase of a traumatic event.  Please see the information on the phases of EMDR treatment. Eight Phase Treatment

Are you a provider for Medavie blue cross ?

Yes. I provide services for military and first responders.

I have a friend that I think can benefit from your services. Can you help him?

Thanks for your concern. It shows me that you are a caring person, however,  your friend needs to call me himself. Counselling is most successful when a client is motivated to work on their own goals rather than their friends or families goals.

My partner has a substance abuse problem and I know it’s because of Trauma from his past. Can you help him/her? 

No. Your partner needs to call me because they want help not because you thought it was a good idea. Unfortunately as helpful as you think you are being, you are actually delaying your partner from getting the help that they need by enabling them rather than giving them the autonomy to get help when they want it and on their own terms.

Can you get my 25-year-old out of the basement?

Probably not. However, I can give support to you as a  parent to begin responding differently to your adult child. The correct responses can motivate positive change.

How long will trauma counselling take?

It depends on your specific needs. In most cases, counselling sessions range from a few months to six months or longer for complex trauma. 

Can EMDR still be used if I am experiencing distressing symptoms but can’t remember some of my childhood or past? 

Yes EMDR releases disturbance that is stuck in the nervous system regardless of whether you can remember details of your past.

Is EMDR just for PTSD?

No. EMDR is showing efficacy for a range of trauma type symptoms including complex trauma, physical pain, addictions, and other distress. Please see the link below for more info:


What if I need to cancel an appointment?

To avoid being charged the full sessions fee, please provide 24 hours notice for cancellations of appointments. This means if you are going to cancel your session, you need to provide one full business day’s notice. If your appointment is on Monday you will need to cancel on Friday morning to avoid being charged for the session.

To book an appointment please call Crystal at 604 340 4529. crystalarbercounselling@gmail.com