I Don’t Believe In A Loving Force

For those of us who have experienced complex trauma, the idea that something greater than ourselves could be somewhere out there in the abyss (so to speak), is absurd.

After all, for some of us, our caregivers were the only greater we understood and it was not so great. Moreover, that greater was the power and that power was our caregiver or the offender. 

Naturally then, why would we even think about the possibility of a loving God, presence, energy, or force? This so-called god, energy, force, did not protect me when I needed it most and so in the end, we land on, life is to be lived like a needle on a record until it skips, eventually falling off until there is no music. For the younger readers, until a virus crashes your iPad indefinitely.

This is one theory and I won’t dispute that, but what if we were wrong? What if there is an order to the chaos? What if Carl Jung had it right when he discovered the idea of synchronicity and broke away from Freud’s argument that the ego’s primary concern was led by urges and drives for gratification? What if synchronicity is real?

Joseph Campbell helped define this further in his mythological studies which led him to introduce ‘The Hero’s Journey’. A story told about a hero that moves fluidly through stages of growth; oddly the same story told in every culture around the world. Is this a coincidence?

When we begin to explore religion, even more, fascinating is that all religions seem to lead to the same teachings taught in different ways. When we talk about meaning and purpose, I am not talking about a man who designs rules for dogma, although we could argue that religious dogma also has serendipitous laws. I am talking about wisdom, inner knowing, divine compass, a gut feeling. Not rules. The inner knowing tapped into greater wisdom, and we don’t know where we got this wisdom from.

Have you ever had a dream where you experienced the most incredible loving sensation and you did not know where it came from? Have you ever walked into a house, or place of business and felt like you needed to leave immediately and you did not know why? Have you ever met a person for the first time and knew that you needed to stay away from them? Have you ever taken a risk and wondered why you took the risk, but then looked back months later and realized it was the best risk you ever took? This is your intuition, inner compass, gut feeling at work.

If you don’t believe in anything outside of yourself then ask yourself what is this gut feeling? What is this intuitive knowingness? Why do we all have it?
My suggestion is to have some fun with this and begin exploring by reading or watching videos. We can get lots of information very quickly now. Here is a list of my recommendations;

Favourite Reads

The Power of Myth – Joesph Campbell
Return to Love – Marianne Williamson
Embraced by the Light – Bettie Eadie
The Greatest Miracle in The World – Og Mandino
A Mans Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl
Care of the Soul – Thomas Moore
Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroline Myss
Radha’s Story – Swami Sivananda Radha
The Divine Romance – Paramahansa Yogananda

Favourite Documentary / Movies

Finding Joe (The Hero’s Journey)
Bill Moyers interviews with Joesph Campbell
Leap of Faith (Steve Martin)
Star Wars (Based on The Hero’s Journey)

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