Intensive EMDR Heals Operational Stress – Combat Trauma.

Veteran and PTSD
There is hope for those who have experienced multiple operational stress injuries. The hope is intensive EMDR treatment, which gives each operational stress injury the attention the injury needs through reprocessing. EMDR follows a ‘past – present – future’ protocol, which, for which comprehensive treatment requires targeting and reprocessing memories that are linked to the operational injury. Once completed, reprocessing the original trauma and finally, the last step of processing the future – a future that is goal orientated, free of negative beliefs and disturbing emotions. What causes PTSD? Trauma gets locked – frozen in time. This frozen memory with all of its sights, sounds, body sensations, negative beliefs, and emotions gets stuck, causing the brain to believe it’s re-living this event even though the event has been over for years. Triggers (sights, sounds, smells, places, people) that remind us of the original injury cause a survivor, a warrior, a first responder, to re-live the nightmare again and again. Intensive EMDR is a three-hour reprocessing session over five days that involves processing each OSI or Combat Trauma. The results are managed or eliminated PTSI. There is hope; you CAN suffer less. You can even be released from the disturbance completely. I offer intensive EMDR once a month for First Responders. I am a VA provider – please contact me.