Complex Trauma Group


Making Sense of  Post Traumatic Stress Injury and Complex Trauma

As a group facilitator, I have had the great pleasure of creating and developing a group called Making Sense of Trauma (Phase One). This group ran   for the past four years on the DTES.  Each group averaged   approximately 16 to 18 members who graduated with skills on how to regulate the nervous system as well as knowledge about how Complex Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects the brain and nervous system. Over the past four years approximately 100 clients have graduated from this very necessary group.

With so much research and knowledge about how the brain is affected from PTSD,  we can now confidently state that one can heal from PTSD and complex trauma. Some clients have taught me that education is very powerful and for some, education combined with skills is enough to change their life in a quality way.

New Group running October 11th every Wednesday at 7:00pm – 8:30pm. 

6 seats available.

280.00 for seven weeks ( 40.00 dollars a week),

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p.604 340 4529