Political / Social Action

“The solidarity of resistance, we cannot do this alone. The power to change the way people think and what people do comes out of small groups of people who care about something to try something new.”

Judith Herman

Fight back. Stand up. Write a statement about what happened. Read it to your therapist. Start a paper trail against the perpetrator. Set up a police file against the abuse. Historical abuse is still valid.

Educate the justice system about the realities of stalking, threatening behaviours and how this affected you.

Get involved in anti-violence groups. All violence is about control which leads to abuse and future victims.

Write to your newspaper about the topics of surviving abuse. Start a blog about your experiences and what you did to survive. Get involved in anti-violence groups online. Get involved in anti-violence groups off-line.

Get involved in poverty groups and fight for your rights against living below the poverty line as a result of dealing with trauma effects. Educate the government about the reality of living as a survivor of trauma.

Team up with workers who understand the system and pick their brains about how to help others learn about how to obtain disability. You are a SURVIVOR, not a VICTIM  today!

Lead a forum on your experiences.

Start a FB page to take action on issues like sexual abuse, violence, sex trafficking, spousal abuse, and cults.

Journal your thoughts in a public group for those who have also suffered similar abuse. Control the invites, set boundaries for the group to keep it safe.

Comment on newspaper articles that speak to all traumatic issues. You are a survivor and that makes you an expert!

Get involved in http://www.povnet.org/

For some reason in Canada if you are struggling with a mental health concern this means you should be poor.

Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with the BC Family Violence Act so that you can spread the word, speak to the issue and educate others.

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