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EMDR On-Demand Webinar Phase one for EMDR Therapists

Case Conceptualization Using EMDR

Phase One:  How to Complete an Effective Assessment for The Purpose of Developing Target Sequence Plans, Including Symptom Informed Plans to Treat PTSD For First Responders and Military.

For the purpose of case conceptualization using EMDR, phase one is an important phase of EMDR. Without a thorough and complete assessment, target sequence planning can be confusing and even overwhelming. This presentation will explore how an assessment can be used to organize targets using the three prongs of past, present, and future while paying special attention to the client’s goals. In this presentation both chronological and symptom informed target sequence plans will be explored. This will include how symptom informed target sequence plans can be used to effectively eliminate PTSD symptoms for first responders and the military.

EMDRIA Credits 2.0

Goals and Objectives:     

  • Participants will learn how to complete a thorough assessment for the purpose of  case conceptualization using EMDR. 
  • Participants will learn about the Adverse Childhood Events Study and how this can inform treatment planning 
  • Participants will learn how to organize a target sequence plan using chronological or symptom informed target sequence plans 
  • Participants will learn how to organize a symptom informed target sequence plan for Military and First Responders.

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