Regulating the nervous system through heartmath ~ a game-changer

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Heartmath is an incredible website that has contributed wonderful tools to help folks with complex PTSD and other health problems support a homeostasis within the their nervous system. Not only that, heartmath has now made products that are user-friendly, enhancing a person’s sense of autonomy with being able to regulate anytime anywhere.

This handy iPad/iPod device called Inner Balance allows one to carry it with you continuing these exercises wherever you are.

Our brain can create neuro networks both positive and negative with the habits that we form in our day-to-day experiences. We also know, that neuro – plasticity (the ability for the brain to grow and change) responds to positive habits creating new pathways in the brain, so that eventually, repeating a positive behavior becomes a way of being.

Happy heart coherence. I intend to report back on my progress with my own regulation progress.

Crystal Arber   CC 2016