What is Dissociation?

Dissociation is a phenomena or defence mechanism designed to protect us from threat. It’s a state that one can move into when they sense danger. Sometimes when a person is in a dangerous or threatening situation a person will freeze kind of like a deer in headlights. Once the threat has past so does the freeze response.


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Healing Dissociation and Ego States

When a child is exposed to a traumatic incident there is a risk that this child’s nervous system will become so overwhelmed, that to survive their environment a child will respond to this traumatic event by going into a dissociative state. As mentioned in other posts related to the nervous system, this is not a…

Trauma and Your Teeth

Research shows that persons who have survived repeated trauma in their lives will have difficulty with dental procedures. Trauma and the dentist tend not to get along very well. First off, attempting to be vulnerable is never easy for a survivor of trauma, but what about being exposed in a dentist’s chair? Being vulnerable with…

Why Do I Dissociate?

Dissociation is a phenomenon that happens to a person when their nervous system is activated by a trigger in the present environment, that reminds a person of a traumatic incident from their past. Dissociation is part of the continuum of the freeze or immobilized state that a person may experience as part of an adaptive…