EMDR for Substance Abuse

EMDR -Substance Abuse

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is becoming  well-known for its ability to relieve behaviour and substance addictions as well as post traumatic stress symptoms.

Since many people who have suffered traumatic experiences will quite naturally turn to substances or other addictions to self soothe from some of the distressing symptoms that often go with post traumatic stress , using EMDR  to  also treat substance abuse is a natural fit for clients.  This is particularly the case for clients who have a substance addiction combined with post traumatic stress.

I use an EMDR  protocol known as the  DeTUR protocol  developed by Dr. Popky who has used his protocol successfully with military soldiers for many years . This protocol works to desensitize urges that are related to addictive behaviors. If you are struggling with an addictive pattern, behaviour, or substance concern, I can help you using EMDR. 


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