EMDR For First Responders

EMDR For First Responders

Online EMDR Lower Mainland and BC

EMDR is one of the most effective treatments for symptoms of PTSD and acute stress disorder. Cumulative operational stress injuries over time become suppressed and locked in the nervous system causing problems with triggers that remind one of the original event(s). Combine several injuries over time and eventually the nervous system collapses, shuts down ( numb) or moves into chronic anxiety,  ( on guard).

Common ways to cope with this is through alcohol,  addictions or other self destructive behaviours.

However there is a more effective way to cope  and eventually eliminate  symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, nightmares, sleep paralyses, dissociating and anxiety.

Processing the original operational stress injury and any other memories connected to the original disturbing “calls,” using Eye Movement and other bilateral strategies while taxing the working memory can release repressed emotion as well as help with negative self appraisals and even moral injury.

For police, paramedics, fire fighters, nurses, physicians, dispatch and other first responders EMDR is not only an effective treatment but also wonderful prevention for future post-trauma symptoms. If you are a first responder you do not have to suffer from these symptoms.

I am an HSO and Medavie provider. Contact your provider to book an appointment with me.

Sliding Scale available for Paramedics