Goodbye EMDR 90 mins Hello EMDR 2.0

EMDR 2.0

EMDR 2.0 created by Dr.  Ad de Jongh is a fast effective technique. Drawing from the theory taxing the working memory, research has shown that using multiple forms of bilateral stimulation at the same time while focusing on the most disturbing aspect of a traumatic event can reduce disturbance as fast as 10 minutes. While this kind of fast elimination of disturbance is not always the case, taxing the working memory on average seems to reduce disturbance as long as 40 minutes and as short as 10 minutes. 

This means that long 90-minute sessions of EMDR in some cases are no longer necessary.  

Intensive EMDR models of 3 hours once a day are especially effective for incidents in which there are multiple aspects to the incident.  With EMDR 2.0 combined with intensive models, any disturbance seems to diminish quite quickly also reducing the need for several days of intensive models.

If you are a first responder interested in getting help with triggers nightmares, anxiety or panic attacks related to a bad call or health care experience consider booking a session for EMDR.  

Crystal Arber is a registered social worker and registered clinical counsellor. Crystal uses EMDR to help with stressful calls for first responders, military, health care professionals and survivors of childhood trauma. She is a certified EMDR therapist and an EMDRIA-approved EMDR consultant -teacher.