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EMDR Consulting Certification-crystal arber

EMDR Consultation
60 mins $175.00

  • Do you have questions about using EMDR protocols for special populations including military and first responders?
  • Are you wondering about EMDR protocols for childhood trauma?
  • Do you have questions about advanced protocols?
  • Do you have general questions about the standard protocol?
  • Are you confused about target sequence plans?

I provide answers and guidance to these questions and more. To book an appointment fill out the contact form below.

EMDR Certification
60 mins sessions $175.00

Are you interested in getting certified in EMDR?

EMDR certification with me is a structured process that will ensure expertise with the standard protocol.

Please see EMDRIA requirements regarding expectations for full certification. It is generally recommended that you will have been using EMDR with a broad range of clients for a minimum of six months or longer before becoming certified. This allows for maximum hours of practice and consultation before certification.

EMDR Credentials

Crystal is a certified EMDR therapist, and an EMDRIA-approved consultant and trainer. In 2019, Crystal spoke at the Vancouver EMDR Canada Conference on Using Intensive EMDR for First Responders and Military).

Her recent training courses include:

EMDR on-demand Webinar for EMDR therapists:

Case Conceptualization: Using EMDR: How to Complete an Effective Assessment for The Purpose of Developing Target Sequence Plans, including Symptom Informed Plans to Treat PTSD For First Responders and Military.

In 2022, Crystal became an organizer for the EMDR Humanitarian Recovery Network, creating a Trauma Recovery Network in  Vancouver. She organized a team of 10 Expert EMDR therapists who ran six pro bono EMDR groups for women and children fleeing the war in Ukraine. Crystal’s impactful work extended to speaking at the EMDR HAP Conference in 2023, where she and her team spoke on ASSYST & EMDR-IGTP-OTS Humanitarian Psychosocial Pilot Project for Ukrainian Refugees Displaced by War in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The presentation at the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Conference shed light on the team’s innovative approach to addressing the psychosocial needs of Ukrainian refugees and the effectiveness of the ASSYST EMDR IGTP -OTS protocol.

Crystal facilitates EMDR consulting groups for therapists looking to be certified in EMDR and is also an EMDR facilitator for the BC School of Psychology.

EMDR Experience

Crystal has had the wonderful privilege of learning from some of the best trauma therapists in the EMDR  communities. These distinguished therapists include: Dr. Andrew Leeds (Resource Development Installation),  Dr. AJ Popky (DeTUR urge Addiction Protocol),  Katie O’Shea (Early Trauma Protocol), Dr, Patricia Wilensky ( Death File) and Dr. Marshall Wilensky (Approved EMDR Trainer in Canada and the  USA since 1998). She recently has had the great honour to work directly with Dr. Ignacio Jarero using his protocol for group work with displaced persons of war. Crystal has deployed this protocol for the past several months working with displaced women and children from the Ukraine war.

Having worked at a primary care health clinic on the downtown eastside of Vancouver, Crystal has used EMDR with a wide variety of patients. This includes individuals suffering from substance use, survivors of residential schools, dissociative disorders, and childhood trauma.   

In addition, Crystal has had extensive experience treating trauma using EMDR with first responders, police officers, and the military at the BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic.  Combined with regular EMDR sessions, she developed a one-week intensive EMDR program that effectively managed and treated operational PTSD using EMDR.